Emerging Landscaping And Lawn Care Trends You Must Consider


Homeowners are hiring lawn care services in Stuart for some interesting landscaping choices. At present, lawns are not just about beautiful flowers and lush grass to add curb appeal. Yards are also about functionality, about secluded private spaces where owners can spend Sunday mornings with their loved ones. Owners also consider the turf’s ease of maintenance because no one likes spending time and money on their turf. Technology has become an important aspect of lawn care. And with rising environmental concerns, eco-friendly trends have emerged. If you want to remodel your backyard garden, you should consider the following emerging trends:

Lawn Stripes
A field covered with lush green grass is a thing of the past. Many lawn owners stripe their turf to add to the curb appeal. And it’s a simple process. The gardener mows parts of the turf in even stripes. The difference in height is enough for a striped effect. Other patterns can also be applied to the yard with a proper mowing kit.

Low Maintenance Lawn
A lawn that’s easy to maintain makes the job of lawn care services in Stuart easier and translates to reduced cost. Planting grass that needs minimum fertilizers and water is the obvious first choice. Gardeners plant evergreen grasses like moss are popular due to their ability to stay green throughout the year. Desert plants are also popular for their low watering needs. Native plants grow the best in the city’s soil and weather conditions. Some owners go for artificial alternatives like artificial turf and pavements for near-zero maintenance.

Pink Flowers
Pink flowers have become a staple for American yards. Pink contrasts the green grass perfectly, creating a warm and cozy feeling during summer and spring. Pink roses and corals are in high demand. It’s no wonder that Pantone selected Living Coral the Color Of The Year in 2019.

Automated Lawn Care
The internet of things covers the backyard as well. With the right app, homeowners can water their plants and mow their lawn by tapping their screen. These apps come with timers to set reminders and program the lawn care process. Irrigation system, lighting and lawnmowers still need to be installed beforehand and a good internet connection is also needed.

Battery-Powered Equipment
Batteries offer gardeners an eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered equipment because they don’t burn fuel and pollute the air. So environmentally conscious gardeners are looking for and using battery-powered mowers and trimmers for lawn care. Electrical equipment has become more powerful and efficient over the years. It is not a known trend but is catching up as municipalities add new regulations.

Pollinator-friendly Gardens
The importance of pollinators like bees and butterflies cannot be emphasized enough. Bees are single-handedly responsible for the growth of most plant life across the globe. So the decline in the population of bees and other pollinator insects has raised major concerns. To tackle this, many gardeners plant flowers that attract birds and bees. Some even go as far as to create meadows in their yard that need little maintenance.

Secluded Spaces
Everyone needs a space to retreat from their hectic routine. Gardens are that space for many. Homeowners place the furniture for two and a small table where they can read their favorite book while sipping a cup of coffee. Pergolas are added overhead for roofing with vines to create a screen. Some prefer separating their private space from the rest of the garden by installing a wall. Some even repurpose their shed instead. Neutral color flowers create a peaceful ambiance around private spaces.

Hangout Spot
With some furniture and an open pergola, backyards are a great spot to hang out with friends and family. Some install a sound system for an outdoor party. Homeowners with great cooking skills even install a kitchen outdoors to show it off to their guests. A heater can keep the chill away during winter as everyone shares stories in the garden. Many families use their gardens as their staycation spot.

These are just some interesting landscaping trends seen across the country.

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